I have always believed that taste and smell are the most evocative of the senses. The personal connection that the diner finds with their food is a priceless experience. With that in mind I welcome you to Tasteful Catering. As boss chef, I am proud to offer a different, more personalized gastronomical experience for a diversity of occasions. The unique wealth of local and fresh ingredients provided by our region, combined with movements in slow-food and local sustainability, has afforded me the opportunity to provide a very high quality of food. I take pride in tailoring my menus and personalizing the fine details of each event to the desires of the client. Rejoice in the act in which makes life possible.

Tasteful Catering LLC is a local family owned and operated catering service based out of Portland, Oregon. Chef Lori Emch aims to create a personalized service for every occasion. Lori believes that it is necessary to capture the feel of how and why in order to prepare a beautiful dining experience.